Need some Encouragement?


You are a child of God, designed for great and wonderful things.  Don't let your thoughts torment you anymore.  Get connected with us and let's start walking out your calling because you were created, "On Purpose, For Purpose."

More than a Brand


Changing the Culture is more than a ministry, more than a brand, its a lifestyle.  It is a commitment to live for the King and not for our self.  That is why we decided to create our own apparel - so that we are reminded every time we put it on that we live, not for our self, but for the one who created us. #Jesus 

Become a sponsor


Imagine a fully functional five-fold facility that encourages and equips young people to encounter the love of Jesus Christ on a daily basis!  That is exactly what we want to raise up at Changing the Culture but we are going to need everyone's help to raise the funds!