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We are all about raising up Sons and Daughters of God that know their identity in Christ.  We believe that it's in the knowing that people are set free from depression, anxiety, suicide, and so much more. 

The Details

Night of Encounter



Every Tuesday


23529 101st Ave N.  Port Byron, IL

What to Expect

When you come out you can expect to build a family.  Youth are hanging out, eating food, laughing, joking, playing games, and chilling.  We start the bible study aroound 6:30-7:00pm and are 100% lead by the Spirit.  This means that every week is going to be different (but in a good way).  There are nights when we just encourage and pray over each other (because people are going through a hard time), there are nights when we spend a lot of time in worship and declaring things, and then there are nights when we dive into the word of God and see what the Bible says about the situations we are going through.  Whatever the case is, rest assue that it's always done in love, with humility, and with full seasoned fruit from the Holy Spirit.  

Can I come if I am an adult?

If you have a kid that is coming...yes!  We encourage all parents and or legal guardians to come out and get to know Serena and I.  Now obviously the intent is for this to be a "Youth Gathering" so we ask that the adults don't come on a regular basis.  The youth share more, engage more, and are more likely to grow when their parents aren't watching them.  

Is there a cost associated with this?

No.  We never charge for anything.  But this is why we rely heavily on monthly support from our friends and family.  Please consider becoming a monthly sponsor to help us drive change in our culture.

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Community Impact


One of the ways that we like to bring the Gospel to the streets is through sports.  Every week we engage in different locations through the Midwest and invite high school students to come out and play basketball.  We have seen this have a huge impact on the culture and have seen many kids come to know Jesus and then start to come to our Tuesday Night Encounters and build relationships with other believers.  This relationship building is what encourages and equips these youth to pursue God and be strengthened by their peers!  Follow us on Facebook to learn about the when and where we will be located at! 

We are also associated with multiple churches and ministries across this region and make it a priority to not just support, "A Church" but "The Church".  THe last time we checked we had at least 7 different churches/ministries that were represented on a Tuesday night!  This is huge to the core of our vision here at Changing the Culture which is to be a bridge in the local community churches!

We want to make it clear at CtC that we are not a church nor do we want to be a youth group.  We will never had a service or be open during the standard church activities (Sunday Mornings from 8am-12pm and Wednesday Evenings (4pm-10pm).  We encourage everyone we know to be a part of a local body and not just so they can get fed, but instead so they can feed others.  

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