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The Vision



Hello friends and family and welcome to Project: Antioch.  The vision is simple:  To raise up the first fully functional five-fold facility that empowers, encourages and equips young people to encounter Jesus!  

Imagine a facility that young people ages 14-19 can come to on a regular basis where prayer and worship are at the forefront of every gathering.  Discipleship classes offered free of charge and allow you to be recognized as a credible pastor.  A place where young adults can have weekly events to hang out, fellowship, and play games with like minded Christians.  A place where youth who are struggling with anxiety, suicide, depression, and hopelessness can find comfort, help, direction, and purpose with real life coaches and mentors.  This is exactly what we want to raise up at our facility in Port Byron, IL.  

We are calling this Project "Antioch" because that was the first location that the term "Christian" was used in the bible and we believe this is the first of many of its kind to be built across this region, across this nation, and across the globe.

In order to make this a reality we will need to raise $500,000!  Please consider giving to our ministry today and getting the word out.  We know that this is only the beginning of what God is about to do in and through this region, and this is the next step.  

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